Is Your Pet Microchipped? Why not?

It’s common for dogs to run off for various reasons.  Perhaps the kids didn’t close the door all the way, or fireworks spooked your dog and she ran off in fear, or maybe your furry friend is still working on his selective hearing issue and decided to take himself for a walk against your wishes.  

Whatever the case, wouldn’t you want to make it as easy as possible to identify your pet?  The American Humane Associate estimates over 10 million (10 MILLION?!) dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the U.S. every year.   According to a study published in the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Associated, only about 22% of lost dogs that enter shelters were reunited with their families.  However, that return rate jumped to 52% for microchipped dogs.  Cats have it even worse.  Less than 2% of cats that enter shelters are reunited with their families.  The return rate for microchipped cats is 30%, a huge increase!

Getting your pet microchipped is easy and painless.  The chip, a small identifying electronic circuit about the size of a grain of rice, can be implanted by your vet in a matter of seconds.   The cost is usually $25-$50 depending on your provider.  However, Save Our Seward Pets offers low cost microchipping to any interested pet owner. 

If you’re interested in low-cost microchipping drop us a note at or keep an eye on our event calendar for our next microchipping event!