Part of SOS Pets' mission is to promote responsible pet care through education.  At least once a year we try to offer a dog/cat related class. Recently we offered Pet First Aid education.  We had training for the firefighters/first responders in Moose Pass, Bear Creek and Seward.  For the general public the pet first aid class covered topics such as what is considered an emergency, how to handle your pet safely when it is in pain and basic triage.   We also included a trapping awareness and release component that was well received.

In 2017 we are offering a Senior Pet Care Class.  The class will discuss some of the subtle signs that show your pet is aging.  We will cover what an owner can do to help keep their senior pet happy and healthy at they become older.

Over the years we hope to continue being a helpful resource for the community.  If you are interested in us hosting a class for your group or have ideas for future classes, please drop us a note at