Shelter Spay & Neuter Program

This program funds surgeries for animals that pass through the Seward Animal Shelter.  Animals who are given to the Seward Animal Shelter for adoption that are not altered are given spay or neuter surgeries before they are adopted to new owners. The surgeries are performed by Dr. Hall at the Seward Animal Clinic.  Shelter Manager and Animal Control Officer, Shelli McDowell determines which animals are appropriate candidates for the surgery and coordinates with Dr. Hall.  Since 2012, 117 cats and dogs have been spayed and neutered. Typically the Seward Community Foundation funds this with their annual grants and in 2016 SCF gave Save Our Seward Pets $2400.

Community Pet Owner Spay & Neuter Program

Save Our Seward Pets donates $50 vouchers to any community member.  These vouchers can be redeemed at the Seward Animal Clinic, Alaska SPCA - Anchorage, Soldotna Animal Hospital, and College Village Animal Clinic - Anchorage.  

To obtain a voucher please email