City of Seward residents are required to obtain a dog license. Kenai Peninsula Borough residents are not.

9.05.210 - Licenses required.

No owner or harborer of any dog over four months of age shall fail or neglect or refuse to obtain a license for such dog.

9.05.212 - License fee—Dogs.

(a)   There is hereby levied an annual license fee of $5.00 per year for each neutered male or spayed female dog and $10.00 per year for each unneutered male or unspayed female dog. The license fee shall be due and payable on the first day of January of each year.

(b)   Any person who fails or neglects to pay the license fee on or before the first day of February of each year, as the license fee becomes due, shall be deemed delinquent under the foregoing provision and shall pay an additional $5.00 penalty in addition to the prescribed fee for the license.

(c)    Any person who comes into ownership or commences to harbor a dog within the city after the first day of January of each year shall, within 30 days after such time, obtain a license as provided in this section at the full year rate stated above.

9.05.216 - License fees—Collection; issuance and form of license tag.

(a)   The license collector shall, and it is hereby made his duty to, see that the licenses from every owner or harborer of dogs required to be licensed are paid. The license fee shall be paid to the license collector, and the license collector shall issue a tag for each dog licensed. Upon the tag shall be the stamped words and numerals showing the license year for which the same is issued. The tags shall also be serially numbered. Replacements for lost license tags may be procured from the license collector upon proof of loss and payment of $0.25.

(b)   The license collector shall keep a register in which he shall enter the name of the owner or harborer of each dog for which a license is paid, together with the date and number of the tag issued.

9.05.220 - Wearing of license tag required.

No person owning, harboring or having charge or control of any dog shall keep, maintain or allow such dog to be within the city unless there be attached to such dog a collar or harness to which the license tag for the then current year shall be affixed. The collar or harness and license tag shall be worn by the dog on a constant basis when the dog is on other than the owner's private property.

9.05.222 - Tag to be worn by dog for which issued.

No person shall attach any current license tag to any dog other than the dog for which the tag was originally issued.

9.05.224 - Removal of license tag prohibited; counterfeiting of tag prohibited.

(a)   No person, other than the owner, shall remove from any dog any license tag attached to such dog under the provisions of this chapter.

(b)   No person shall counterfeit or attempt to counterfeit a dog license tag; receipt for payment for license or certificate of vaccination, or place a dog tag upon a dog unless the tag was specifically issued for that particular dog.

9.05.226 - Impoundment of untagged dogs.

It is hereby made the duty of the chief of police to take up and impound all dogs found in the streets or public places within the city without a tag as provided in this chapter, and to keep each dog so taken up and impounded for not less than 72 hours in the city pound, unless such dog be sooner redeemed by the payment of all pound fees incurred, together with the production of the required tag.