Seward’s Alice Pickett Animal Shelter welcomes and adopts out hundreds of local pets each year. Typically, the shelter sees more cats than dogs.  The current shelter building is inadequate, though made safe and homey by City Animal Control Officer Shellie McDowell.  

Save Our Seward Pets supports the Alice Pickett Animal Shelter with food donations, spay & neuter vouchers, supply donations, and any other assistance they request.  The best way to support our shelter is to advocate for a new one. Our new shelter will be warm, bright, hopeful and have proper sanitation, HVAC and acoustic moderation and will meet all veterinary standards. A clean, safe, quiet, low-stress environment will encourage adoption and decrease disease; provide comfort, health, enrichment and hope for pets; be enjoyable for caregivers; attract local and visitor volunteers; promote community hope and pride and help rehabilitate animals.