Seward City Council Designates $20,000 for Shelter Repairs

Success!  On Monday, February 13, 2017, the Seward City Council unanimously approved Resolution 2017-010, which designates $20,000 of funding toward general repairs for the Seward Animal Shelter.   The repairs include installation of outdoor electric outlets, temporary heating improvements, plumbing repairs, installation of a wireless internet connection for security cameras, improved flooring, and roofing repairs.   The City Manager has been authorized to use these funds immediately.

In addition, the city recognized there has been interest in plans to relocate the current animal shelter and will be exploring grant opportunities for longer-term animal shelter relocation.  We’re one step closer to a new Seward Animal Shelter!

We’d like to thank the Seward City Council for recognizing and addressing the immediate needs of the Seward Animal Shelter.  We’d also like to thank our community members who took a moment to write or speak on behalf of approving the funding toward the shelter.  Together we can build a vibrant, welcoming and prosperous community!