New Seward Animal Shelter Update


On August 7, 2018, residents living near the proposed site for a new shelter (on Dieckgraeff road), objected to the shelter being located close to their homes. There were several reasons cited such as increasing potential flooding, increase in residential traffic, and noise. The Planning and Zoning Commission, who advises the city council, but doesn’t actually make law, unanimously voted to reject the site. During the commissioner's discussion time, the phrase "cannot recommend moving the shelter from a residential area to another residential area” was said. A set back but understandable. So what, or rather where, is next?

Jackie Wilde and Andy Bacon, the staff of the city P and Z, came up with a nice alternative. The parcel is located immediately south of the Seward Elementary school. Check out the aerial image here. There are several advantages to this parcel: there are no nearby residents that could be negatively impacted by the shelter; three schools are within walking distance (think win-win lessons); its located within many tall trees; and is next to a Kenai Peninsula Borough parcel that could be used as a dog park, not just for shelter animals, but the whole community. Planning and Zoning will meet on September 4 to consider this. 


Council member Marianna Keil proposed creating a city fund of $167,000 to be used toward the shelter. Council passed Resolution 2018-049 unanimously! Thank you Marianna, and thank you city council members! Past fundraising efforts have put around ~$40,000 toward the new shelter. 

Currently, two business in town are participating in a “round-up” program that asks customers to round up the cost of their purchase to the next dollar. Cliff Krug at Brown and Hawkins led the effort with two months of donations totaling about $400. Now Jared at SAK Town is participating plus he has a donation can on the counter. Support these folks! This effort raises money and raises awareness!


About 20 people are involved in addressing the details of a new animal shelter. We meet about once a month. Please come by - its very informal, usually there are about 8-10 people at the meetings. We meet in the Mountain Haven Commons at 6PM. Email me (Mark Luttrell) for the next meeting date.




Stephanie MillaneComment