Our efforts have been reliably supported by the Seward Community Foundation. They have backed our spay and neuter programs, provided support for donations of pet food to the food bank and outfited the shelter with emergency supplies. SCF exists to serve the community through grants and they rely on contributions from Seward and Moose Pass residents.

2016 gifts and donations

 Seward Community Foundation

  •  $1000 toward Free Meow Meow Project
  •  $1000 toward Public Spay & Neuter Program
  •  $2400 toward Seward Animal Shelter Spay & Neuter Program
  • $1000 Seward Animal Shelter Emergency Supplies 

Daisy Troops    

  • $100 to Purchase a 1st Aid Kit for Animal Control Officer vehicle

Dorothy Urbach

  • $500 General Donation

Spring Creek Correctional Center Residents

  •     $400 General Donation