A new animal shelter remains a high priority for SOS Pets. Our current shelter, though made safe and homey by City Animal Control Officer Shellie McDowell, is inadequate. Our new shelter will be warm, bright, hopeful and have proper sanitation, HVAC and acoustic moderation and will meet all veterinary standards. A clean, safe, quiet, low-stress environment will encourage adoption and decrease disease; provide comfort, health, enrichment and hope for pets; be enjoyable for caregivers; attract local and visitor volunteers; promote community hope and pride and help rehabilitate animals.

In 2014, SOS Pets and Cause for Paws gathered a banquet of support from community members, architect's drawings, floorplans and cost estimates to present to funders. The City couldn't afford it though they are 100% supportive of a new shelter. The State administration dove off the fiscal cliff right as we presented our idea to the legislature.

Though we are better prepared than ever, funding remains the obstacle. We believe that it is the government's (federal, state, borough, city) responsibility to care for its animals. The good effort of the Cause for Paws group raised a ton of money by offering the "Fur Ball" for several years. That contribution solidly demonstrates the community's support.

Our next moves depends on money.

New Seward Alaska Animal Shelter
 Letters in Support of a New Seward Animal Shelter